Take a look at some of our exciting workshops from BSS Congress 2022. The exciting workshops for Congress 2023 will be announced shortly!

There will be two rounds of workshops, with both around 5 workshops to choose from.

Most workshops will be in English, however, some companies prefer to do it in Dutch.

For every workshop, we listed the studies they apply to. If your study is not mentioned, this does not mean you cannot join a workshop! It is only meant to give you more insight in which workshops might be relevant for you.




Resume and cover letter workshop by Integrand
Language: English
Study: Relevant for all studies

Did you know that recruiters take an average of 5-20 seconds to "scan" a resume? It is therefore very important that your resume looks good and we can help you with that! At the congress, Integrand will give students a workshop on the subject of the application process. We will dive deeper into your resume, we will provide tips and tricks for writing a cover letter and provide you with the optimal preparation for any job application. Afterwards, you are free to ask us any questions! Finally, we will provide students with the possibility the receive personal tips on their resume. 
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GZ-Opleiding by PPO
Language: Dutch
Study: Psychology, Pedagogical Sciences

Is de GZ-opleiding de volgende stap voor jou?
Wat is de GZ-opleiding? Wat houdt het in? Hoe kom je aan een opleidingsplaats? Dit en meer komt in deze workshop aan bod. Of je nou het pad al helemaal uitgestippeld hebt of nog geen idee hebt, nadenken over een vervolg na je master begint met informatie over de mogelijkheden. Naast vooral informatie over de gz-opleiding zullen we ook kort stil staan bij de start van je loopbaan. Wat kun je doen om er richting aan te geven en wat is belangrijk in die eerste fase?

Coordination of Care and Cooperation by Molendrift
Language: English

Study: Behavioural and Social Sciences

Molendrift is an extensive aid institution. We offer help with behavioral problems, educational problems, learning problems, problems related to work and cohabitation problems in the broadest sense of the word. A combination of these difficulties can also occur. The different areas cannot always be separated from each other in daily practice. Our approach is characterized by his personal approach. Within our programs we actively work together with the client. The help we provide is practical and focuses on achievable goals. Our programs have been proven effective. The result comes first. Molendrift focuses on children and adolescents, but also on young adults and their parents with problems in personal functioning. 

Coordination of care and cooperation are key concepts in guaranteeing high-quality care. The web-based tool is a means for care providers and families to collaborate transparently in care processes, in which several care providers are involved. The aim of the workshop is to become acquainted with the working method of in the context of cooperation and coordination of care.


Out of the Square by GGMD
Language: English
Study: Behavioural and Social Sciences

In the real work situations arise that are not taught in our studies. You’ll work with people from different cultures, different perspectives, and different languages. As an example, the deaf community, it is a large community but invisible. Where and how can you learn to enlarge your awareness as a professional? This workshop is a way to start with gaining knowledge out of the square. It will be a short lecture and a practical case about treating deaf clients in the field of mental health.

Alicia Sort Leal, neuropsychologist, currently works at GGMD voor Doven en Slechthorenden in Groningen. She gives the workshop “Out of the square”. Alicia studied Psychology at Barcelona University, was exchange student in Psychology and did an internship in Deaf Abused Women’s Network Center in Gallaudet University at Washington DC, USA. She has a Neuropsychology Master from the Universitat Oberta Catalonia. Previously Alicia worked as psychologist in a deaf school in Indore, India. She moved to The Netherlands in 2018.

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Mindfulness by Brain Ostafin
Language: English

Study: Behavioural and Social Sciences

Mindfulness is an invaluable tool that can be used by everyone and in multiple contexts. Brian Ostafin will give an engaging workshop to impart the basics of this essential tool on participants.

Deep listening Carel Braak

Deep Listening by Carel Braak
Language: English

Study: Psychology & Pedagogy

In this workshop Carel Braak will introduce the method of ‘Deep Listening’. Ever more healthcare professionals (therapists, GP’s etc..) apply Deep Listening to enhance and deepen their communication with clients and patients, while at the same time safeguarding healthy boundaries. Deep Listening combines understandings drawn from psychology and neuroscience with the methodology of contemplative practices in compassion and meditation.

After this workshop, attendees will have a deeper understanding of healthy boundaries. We will also discuss the difference between empathy and compassion, and why empathy may lead to burn-out and why compassion may protect us. And attendees will directly experience the power of Deep Listening.


Oost-Groningen: a region with torn walls and minds by Accare
Language: English

Study: Psychology

On the 11th of May, Accare will host a workshop by GZ-psychologist Cathy Bolhuis and psychologist Carlijn van den Berg. They both work for Accare in Oost-Groningen, where they work with clients who deal with a wide variety of challenges. Some of the problems commonly encountered in the region are poverty, housing issues and unsafe neighborhoods. In addition, they also encounter many psychiatric issues in the area, such as trauma, attachment problems, ADHD, autism spectrum disorder and anxiety disorder.

Cathy and Carlijn will introduce you to their work in the dynamic environment of Oost-Groningen, where the approach of child and adolescent psychiatry is tailor-made to the region. In the interactive workshop they will address multiple psychiatric disorders and the recommended evidence-based diagnostics and treatment methods. They will also discuss a case in more detail, where they invite you to think along.


Bridging the gap – Preventive mental health support by @ease
Language: English

Study: Behavioural and Social Sciences

75% of all mental illnesses develop before the age of 25.

50% even develops before the age of 14. 

@ease offers youngsters the possibility to talk about their problems in the most accessible way. In walk-in centres across the country, they can walk in for support: free, anonymous, and as many times af they like. Anyone from 12 through approximately 25 years of age can come in and talk about whatever they are struggling with. Young volunteers (age 18+) are there for them. They are trained by @ease to do mainly one thing: skilful listening!

Professionals from local healthcare and education institutions are also present on site. Their role is to support the volunteers and to help them, together with the visitor, if more help is needed than @ease can provide. @ease tries to bridge the gap between mental health care and the specific needs of young people in the adolescence phase of their life. The goal of this workshop is to learn how the work of @ease is different from, but complementary to the offerings of health care institutions to young people.


Acceptatie and Commitment Training by Stresswise
Language: Dutch

Study: Psychology

Acceptatie en commitment training (ACT) van medewerkers draagt bij aan een vloeiend proces van snelle en voortdurende ontwikkeling in een werkomgeving. Er is een positievere houding en neiging tot innovatie (propensity to innovate). Niet alleen omdat deze medewerkers eerder nieuwe mogelijkheden en beschikbare middelen opmerken en weten in te zetten. Ook groeit bij hen de bereidheid tot het ervaren van onzekerheid rond het uitproberen van nieuwe onbekende vaardigheden, technieken en procedures. Daarnaast wordt het automatisch terugvallen op veilige oude routines en de natuurlijke negatieve gedachten betreffende verandering sneller opgemerkt (unlearning).

Hierdoor groeien zowel de bereidheid tot leren als het vermogen tot leren (relearning). Het trainen van vaardigheden op zes verschillende onderdelen (ACT-uilen) leidt tot de psychologische flexibiliteit waarmee medewerkers kunnen surfen op de golven in plaats van te vechten tegen de storm. In deze workshop ervaar je op welke wijze ACT zich anders verhoudt tot leren en veranderen en wat psychologisch flexibel zijn betekent.


Assistance against Violence by Fier!
Language: English

Study: Sociology & Psychology

Fier provides assistance to children, young people and adults who are, or have been, confronted by violence such as domestic violence, sexual violence or honour violence. They offer counselling and treatment and if neccessary a safe haven. They also help people who have gone through an experience which has left them traumatised.