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Our workshops will be announced soon!


There will be two rounds of workshops, with around 7 workshops to choose from.

Most workshops will be in English, however, some companies prefer to do it in Dutch.

Take a look at some of our exciting workshops from last years BSS Congress!

For every workshop, the team has diligently outlined the studies they are most relevant to. It is important to emphasize that if a particular study is not explicitly mentioned, it shouldn't be perceived as a restriction. The intention is to provide attendees with insights into which workshops might be particularly pertinent to their academic pursuits.


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GZ-Opleiding by PPO
Language: Dutch
Study: Psychology, Pedagogical Sciences

Is de GZ-opleiding de volgende stap voor jou?
Wat is de GZ-opleiding? Wat houdt het in? Hoe kom je aan een opleidingsplaats? Dit en meer komt in deze workshop aan bod. Of je nou het pad al helemaal uitgestippeld hebt of nog geen idee hebt, nadenken over een vervolg na je master begint met informatie over de mogelijkheden. Naast vooral informatie over de gz-opleiding zullen we ook kort stil staan bij de start van je loopbaan. Wat kun je doen om er richting aan te geven en wat is belangrijk in die eerste fase?

Resume and cover letter workshop by Integrand
Language: English
Study: Relevant for all studies

Did you know that recruiters take an average of 5-20 seconds to "scan" a resume? It is therefore very important that your resume looks good and we can help you with that! At the congress, Integrand will give students a workshop on the subject of the application process. We will dive deeper into your resume, we will provide tips and tricks for writing a cover letter and provide you with the optimal preparation for any job application. Afterwards, you are free to ask us any questions! Finally, we will provide students with the possibility the receive personal tips on their resume. 

Coordination of Care and Cooperation by Molendrift
Language: English

Study: Psychology & Pedagogical Sciences

Molendrift is an extensive aid institution. We offer help with behavioral problems, educational problems, learning problems, problems related to work and cohabitation problems in the broadest sense of the word. A combination of these difficulties can also occur. The different areas cannot always be separated from each other in daily practice. Our approach is characterized by his personal approach. Within our programs we actively work together with the client. The help we provide is practical and focuses on achievable goals. Our programs have been proven effective. The result comes first. Molendrift focuses on children and adolescents, but also on young adults and their parents with problems in personal functioning. 

Coordination of care and cooperation are key concepts in guaranteeing high-quality care. The web-based tool is a means for care providers and families to collaborate transparently in care processes, in which several care providers are involved. The aim of the workshop is to become acquainted with the working method of in the context of cooperation and coordination of care.


Assistance against Violence by Fier!
Language: English

Study: Sociology & Psychology

Fier provides assistance to children, young people and adults who are, or have been, confronted by violence such as domestic violence, sexual violence or honour violence. They offer counselling and treatment and if neccessary a safe haven. They also help people who have gone through an experience which has left them traumatised.


Jeugd psychiatrie en dilemma's by Accare
Language: Dutch

Study: Psychology & Pedagogical Sciences

In deze workshop kun je kennismaken met het werk in de jeugdpsychiatrie en de dilemma’s waarvoor je kunt komen te staan. We nemen je graag mee in Accare als organisatie en wat wij doen bij Accare. Daarnaar zullen we in deze interactieve workshop de nadruk leggen op zelfzorg aan de hand van casuïstiek én je gaat naar huis met praktische tips en handvatten in je werk als young professional.


De beweging van 0 by Team050
Language: Dutch
Study: Pedagogical Sciences & Psychology

Team050 came in contact with the Movement of 0 for the first time at the end of 2020. That inspired them. They are contributing to the oil slick: 0 children who do not grow optimally at home. Are you curious what the movement of 0 entails? And how you, a future care provider, can commit yourself to this? Then learn and think along with team050, because you can already make a contribution!

Sport pschology by Institue for Sport and Performance Psychology
Language: English
Study: Psychology, all studies

Renate Hensen is sport psychologist VSPN and training coordinator at the Institute for Sports and Performance Psychology (ISPP). She knows better than anyone what it's like to perform under pressure. Not only does she get the best out of herself in her own full working weeks, but she also works day in and day out with (top) athletes and performers who want to achieve the highest achievable. How do they do this? What can we learn from this? And what psychological skills can you apply to perform under pressure?

Growth mindset by Mindset institute
Language: English
Study: All studies

Everyone has a mindset: beliefs about changeability of oneself and others. These can be more 'growth' ('I can change, you can change') or 'fixed' ('one cannot really change'). Mindset activates itself in situations of learning, changeability and development. These situations are nowadays quite common in (working)life. It is mindset that has a profound effect on how far one reaches in his or her capabilities. Next to that, mindset in organizations have a strong influence on feelings of psychological safety. Psychological safety is required for learning. To unleash learning power, the prefered mindset is the growth mindset. This mindset can be learned (more) at any age, individually as well as in organizations. In the workshop you will learn the basics of what mindset is, which effects it has on the brain and how you can start recognizing your own.

Finding yourself by Transgendergroep Groningen
Language: English
Study: All studies

Which bears do you encounter on the way to finding yourself. We help people take the first steps in their transition and help them understand the emotions involved.