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Suzanne Verheijden

Meet Suzanne, the visionary founder of BuroStrakz, a multifaceted leader in healthcare innovation. With a diverse background as a trainer, project leader, manager, and program director, Suzanne's heart beats for healthcare.

Beyond her professional roles, Suzanne is a captivating storyteller, both as an author and actor in her self-written cabaret shows. She's also the brain behind Digivaardig in de Zorg, providing free resources to enhance digital skills among healthcare professionals.

As a seasoned host and speaker, Suzanne brings her wealth of experience to the forefront as she guides audiences through engaging and informative sessions at conferences. With her dynamic presence and insightful expertise, she ensures that attendees are not only informed but also inspired to embrace innovation and progress in the healthcare industry. Get ready for an enlightening experience as Suzanne leads the way towards a brighter future in healthcare.