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About the Committee

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Top row from left to right: Bell, Noa, Neele, Melle.
Bottom row from left to right: Elisa, Mariske, Piter

Mariske, our 24-year-old committee chair, leads our meetings, supervises members, and ensures
efficient operations. She represents us to the Supervisory Board, manages decision-making,
delegates tasks, and meticulously plans event schedules. Outside of her statistical studies, she
enjoys reading, participating in various sports, and immersing herself in documentaries while she
explores her future in sociology.

Elisa, our 21-year-old secretary, delves into the intricacies of societal dynamics through her
sociology studies. While considering a master's degree in Human Resource Management or
related fields, she efficiently manages administrative tasks for our committee. From minute-taking
to coordinating with the Supervisory Board and assisting with ticket sales strategies alongside the
treasurer, Elisa ensures seamless operations. Outside university, she enjoys swimming, reading,
and hosting gatherings for loved ones.

Piter, a 21-year-old sociology student, serves as CoCo's treasurer. He manages finances,
collaborates with VIP's treasurer and the Supervisory Board on budgets, monitors spending, and
ensures smooth ticket sales execution. Outside of university, Piter enjoys rock climbing, board
games, and dancing!

Bell, a 19-year-old psychology student in her first year, assumes the role of Head of Promotion for
the BSS Congress. In this position, she orchestrates all promotional endeavours, from crafting
essential information to its widespread dissemination. While dedicated to her studies and
considering a future in neuropsychology, Bell also finds pleasure in reading, travelling, and
socialising with friends.

Noa, a 22-year-old pursuing a master's in Developmental Psychology, takes charge as the Day
Organiser for the BSS Congress Committee. Her role involves managing content and logistics,
securing engaging speakers and hosts aligned with the congress theme. Noa ensures smooth
event execution, liaises with the venue, and coordinates tasks for committee members. Beyond
university, she finds joy in volleyball, DIY projects, and socialising, with a passion for contributing
to children/youth care in her future career.

Melle, an 18-year-old first-year psychology student, contributes to the Acquisition team.
Together with Neele, they swiftly secure funding by contacting companies. Upon securing
sponsors, formal agreements are established, now offering companies the option to sponsor
workshops. Belle enjoys shopping, socialising over drinks, and traveling, particularly to cold
destinations for skiing. Her future ambitions include travel and pursuing specialisation in either
forensic or clinical psychology.

Neele, 22, a second-year Psychology student, juggles studies, sports, and socializing. In the
Acquisition team, she helps secure congress funding by contacting companies. Their aim: a
primary sponsor covering half the target, with smaller sponsors for the rest. Benefits include
program booklet pages and workshop sponsorships. Once agreements are made, contracts
finalize, offering workshop sponsorship options. Neele's dedication shows her commitment to the
congress and psychology.