About the platform

Gather Town

For this year's congress, we will use the online platform Gather.town! Gather is a wonderful new tool for getting to both explore and chat with other people. The wide variety of features will help us make our congress feel as if you are at an actual physical congress. You can attend lectures, participate in workshops and talk to companies at the networking event!

What you need:

  • desktop/laptop with a mic and camera.
  • A web browser (Chrome or Firefox recommended).
  • We strongly recommend using headphones to help prevent feedback.
  • That’s it! There’s nothing to install, no software to download.

How it works:

  • Gather is a video chat platform that has avatars move around a map. As you get close to other avatars, your videos will pop up and you will be able to chat.
  • Move around the space using the arrow keys.
  • By moving your avatar around you can have spontaneous conversations with those around you. These can be either one-on-one or small groups depending on how many people are around your avatar.
  • When your avatar moves closer to an interactable object, it will glow yellow and there will be a notification that shows up saying ‘Press x to interact with -object-’. This can range from informational flyers, playable arcade games, integrated Zoom meetings, and more!
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